Shelly Riemer, LCSW

Shelly Riemer

I believe healing is a process of unwinding all the false stories and conditioning that eclipse the inherent health, light and wellbeing inside each one of us. As a psychotherapist, I help facilitate this unwinding with compassionate, collaborative, openhearted listening and guiding.  My approach is to help you to be aware of the parts that are high functioning and work gently with the parts that are interfering with your ability to be happy. Some of this is done through talk therapy.  I have found it is often also effective to weave in guided imagery/meditation during sessions. This expands conscious awareness to the subconscious elements which are inaccessible strictly through mental processes. I see you as an individual and every session is different, tailored to your emergent concerns. Together, we create the therapeutic alliance and establish a compassionate, trusting environment.  From this place of safety, you can generate confidence, emotional balance, self-compassion and increased states of joy.  My intention is that you leave a session feeling more empowered than when you arrived.  

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (graduated in 2012) and I work with adolescents and adults in individual and family therapy. Some of the main therapies I employ include elements of Guided Visualizations/Meditation, IFS/Parts Work, Integrative Mind/Body Therapies, CBT and EMDR. I graduated from Inner Focus Soul Directed Energy Healing School (2005-2008).  I have had a meditation practice for over 30 years and have practiced with Open Door Zen Community in the Zazen tradition attending many retreats at Holy Wisdom Monastery.

On a personal level I am deeply connected to nature spending much of my free time hiking in conservancies.  I also have a Jack Russel dog named Lucy who is my heart and a cat named Cedar who reminds me to be silly on a regular basis.

One of my favorite quotes indicating a readiness to begin the journey of therapy:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  -Anais Nin-

I would love to talk with you to see if we might be a fit to start your journey of healing.  You may leave a message at 608-255-8838 ext. 10 or email me at